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Online registration is open for Spring 2021. Registration will close on 1/26/2021. (See In Person Registration dates below)

Costs: Spring registration fee is $170.00 for the 1st player and $160.00 for any additional players in the same family.


Season Includes: The season will consist of a 12 game season with a tournament at the end. Players will receive a jersey and hat.

*T-ball, Rookie 6, and Rookie 7 players will receive medals for the season.

*Rookie 6 and Rookie 7- 1st and 2nd place tournament winners will receive trophies.

*Minor 8, Minor 9, Minors, Intermediate, and JR/SR-1st and 2nd place for the season will receive trophies, and 1st and 2nd tournament winners will receive trophies.

(Coaches do not have to prep fields before or after the games. Parents do not have to work the concession stand. )  


Walk up registrations are listed below and will be updated weekly.   *CASH or CHECK ONLY when registering IN PERSON*


TUESDAY 1/19/2021 between 730PM 8:30PM at Concession Stand.

TUESDAY 1/26/2021 between 7:30pm-8:30pm at Concession Stand.


******BREAKING NEWS******

The league will post any positive Covid-19 test of parents and players with the division only. Once removed from the list then they have been cleared. All families who has a player or member of their family test positive is on quarantine until cleared by medical professional.


If a team has had a player/parent test positive that team will be notified by the coach and checked to see if they had any contact. The league will put on the website and approve when they can return with medical documentation.
For the mask rule: If you are sitting down watching the game away from the main area such as outfield and you are 6 feet away from all other households (which everybody should be but some are not) you do not have to wear the mask but must have it when walking around at the fields, bathroom, concessions, entering or exiting the fields or sitting in the main congested areas. THIS IS NOW A STATE ORDER.
Please let this be a RED FLAG and make sure your team is following protocol. EVERY HOUSEHOLD/FAMILY MUST REMAIN AT LEAST 6 FEET SOCIAL DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES.
We absolutely CANNOT have a full team in the dugout.  The dugout should only be used for 3-4 batters preparing to bat.  The spots are marked where the waiting batters can sit or stand.
The rest of the batting line up has to be placed outside the fence line (preferably in batting order).  There are boxes where the batters can stand.

If you see another team abusing these rules please let a board member know.  If you cannot find a board member, notify the concession stand and they will find a board member.  *A board member will be monitoring the fields/games nightly.  
Teams or individuals will be warned and could be asked to exit the fields if they do not cooperate.
The league is also asking that only members of your immediate household attend games.  This is to reduce overcrowding and to also protect any senior citizen members of your family.
We want to make our park a safe environment so we can continue to provide a fun season for the players.
Please do your part by following these rules and we can all make it a safer place.
COVD- 19

Let's Play Ball.

Please keep a 6 foot social distancing between other families. Face mask are required.

 RE:  Coronavirus /Katy American Little League

COVID-19 RULES: Look under forms and documents. Then click Summer Season Game Guidelines.

Players, Coaches, Volunteers, and Parents,

We will have an Opening day modified from our "normal" opening days. Once we figure out opening day we will let everyone know.

The league’s main concern is the safety of our players, parents, coaches, and volunteers. We as a community will have to follow state guidelines. These will be posted soon. We understand that some of the guidelines will not be liked, but we will need everybodies help and participation in following the rules. Sooner or later we will be able to go back to our normal. This is a situation that nobody has ever seen before. 

Hand washing: We have hand sanitizer machines we will be setting up in the bathrooms. We will also have at the concession stand once the it is open. We will also put bars of soap in the bathroom even though we know they will disappear. We strongly encourage parents to also bring their own for players on the field.

Once games do start and for the remainder of the Spring season, we are issuing a no contact/no handshake policy. This will be observed at each level of the organization until further notice. This includes all physical contact and extends to customary game-related activities such as pre-game coach’s handshakes, umpire-coach introductions, and post-game handshakes between members of opposing teams. Instead, umpires, players, and coaches should use verbal queues, such as saying "good game" without shaking hands, high-fiving, or fist-bumping. ----------Thank you KALL Board.

If you are unable to play please contact your coach and Bryan Sills at 713-480-7456. At this time we are offering a 25% credit for either Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 to any player not able to play in the delayed Spring 2020 (summer now) league, The amount of the credit will be re-evaluated after this season to see if the league can offer players more of a refund. We will not be able to issue any refunds for the Spring 2020 Season.

Information about why 25% credit?

First we will re-evaluate the credit amount at the end of this season. If we see that we are able to offer more of a credit we will.

Most of the money for baseball was spent upfront on uniforms, lights, Charter and Insurance fees, equipment, baseballs, opening day, field maintenance, scholarships, dirt, chalk, turfice, field equipment maintenance, gas, etc. The registration fee is a portion of the cost to run the season. The sponsorship and opening day also is included in the cost of running the season which we didn't receive opening day fees and only about 10% of the sponsorship. We also lost the money that KALL spent on opening day as we did not receive a refund. We will be looking at this season once we have the teams set to see how many games we will be able to play and if we will be able to have an end of the season tournament or not. As for the teams we will be adding some players to fill in the teams or combining teams. But as of right now we are all working on this. Most little leagues in the area have cancelled due to financial and the protocols that they would have to follow and did not offer any refund.  Here is a message from LL District 15 facebook page.


LL Texas District 15

May 22 at 8:19 PM ·

Please realize that each league has spent much of its registration fee on Spring Season startup cost. Most money was spent on field preparation (dirt, clay, bases, chalk, etc), concession supplies (food, drinks, certifications, ice, etc), equipment (uniforms, caps, baseballs/softballs, catchers equipment, helmets, bat(s)), Opening Day fees (peace officer escorts, permits, etc). Also, Insurance and Charter Fees must be paid prior to the beginning of each season. Money is recouped throughout the season from concession stand sales. If each league were to refund 100% of the registration fee, the league would have a deficit and possibly fold.



KALL is now on Facebook

 Related imageLike us on FACEBOOK  

Search for @katyamerican to find our page.  

 Note:  KALL Facebook page will be used to promote and share special events, as well as important dates.




Player Costs:SPRING 

WALK UP/ONLINE REGISTRATION= $170.00 ($160.00 for each additional sibling)


Katy American Little League is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best youth baseball experience possible. Players range in age from 3 to 16. We offer - Certified Umpires (ages 8 and above) - Concessions Personnel - Professional Groundskeeper - Graduated Pitching and Base Paths - Open Bases (Lead-offs, Steals, Balks) just like the Pros (ages 12 and above).

Spring Information:

1) Special Requests - KALL will do our best to honor requests for divisions Rookie 7, Rookie 6, and TBALL. 

2) TRYOUTS - Minor 8, Minor 9, Minors, Intermediates, and JR/SR(jr/sr only if no request) will tryout in the SPRING. (Tryout dates listed on calendar below)

3) Games will be played at 5:30pm, 7pm, 7:15pm, or 7:30p.

4) Practices -Coaches scheduled their own practice dates, times, and location.  KALL cannot confirm when practices will be.

5) Rain outs will be scheduled at the next available date. 




SPRING 2020 Season























If you would like to order jerseys to match your player or if teams want to have their names put on the back of their jerseys; here are some Katy American businesses that can do this for you. They can do custom t-shirts for parents, siblings, and coaches; names/logos for bats, water bottles, or anything that vinyl will stick to. 

Genie Hopkins



Little League Age Chart

Fall 2020 will follow the 2021 League Age Chart (LEAGUE AGE IS THE PLAYERS AGE ON 8/31/2021)

T-ball is 3, 4 & 5 on league age chart.

Rookie 6 is 6 on league age chart.

Rookie 7 is 7 on league age chart.

Minor 8 is 8 on the league age chart.

Minor 9 is 9 on league age chart.

Minors is 10 and 11 on league age chart.

Intermediate is 12 and 13 on league age chart.

Jr's is 14  to 18 on league age chart.



 read more ...

Please contact Bryan Sills by email at bryan.sills5@gmail.com or phone 713-480-7456 for any questions.


Regular/General Members- Any person actively interested in furthering the objective of the League may become a member upon applying for membership and being approved by the Board of Directors. Anybody interested in becoming a general/regular member or a board member please contact Bryan Sills or send a volunteer application to Bryan.sills5@gmail.com.

Next meeting will be on 10/18/2020 at 6pm. Place will be announced.


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See our Challenger Division Page for more details about our Challenger Baseball Program!


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